In brown skin I am your white girl, and YES I do not speak Spaniard. I’m the 1 dark girl on the 4th of July float back left corner waving and not smiling, surrounded by poofy frosty blondes. I wanted to smile. I wanted to smile all my life. But at 12? Impossible. ~ Excerpt from essay 'I am White Girl' ~ ALL WRITINGS HEREIN ARE THE SOLE PROPERTY OF THE WRITER Karyne De Contreras. copyright pending. OK?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Western & Exposition

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Bug eyed arching her back
W/ a disgusted expression
In neon pink sponge rollers
Fuzzy lime green slippers
A butt huge and hard
Busting through
High water
Navy blue
Stretch pants
‘Grease the Musical’
T-shirt too small
Too tight
Breasts wobbly
Pert w/new milk
Point like guns
And warnings
At the passing cars
Pavement scarred
Blood dot birthmarks
Of the corner
The hot black blast
Of the city bus
Soothes her
And blows
A crunched
7-11 cup
Bobbing around
Her ankle
Like a pet


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