In brown skin I am your white girl, and YES I do not speak Spaniard. I’m the 1 dark girl on the 4th of July float back left corner waving and not smiling, surrounded by poofy frosty blondes. I wanted to smile. I wanted to smile all my life. But at 12? Impossible. ~ Excerpt from essay 'I am White Girl' ~ ALL WRITINGS HEREIN ARE THE SOLE PROPERTY OF THE WRITER Karyne De Contreras. copyright pending. OK?

Friday, July 07, 2006

karyne de contreras is

Karyne de Contreras is a multi-talented artist creating within the contexts of Dance, Choreography, and Poetry. Karyne created PoemDance, which combines her writing & choreography to create a provocative performance that is emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical. Karyne is also the choreographer for the Emmy Award Winning singer/songwriter Faith Rivera. Karyne is 42, and resides in Maui.


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